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A sublease is formed when a freeholder grants a lease to a tenant, and that tenant then grants a secondary lease, with the freeholder's permission, to another party – the subtenant. That subtenant might also be allowed to sublet, and so on – as a result, these tenancy chains can become quite involved!

It is usual for all subtenants to be bound by the original terms of the first lease, and these are usually non-negotiable. Sublet spaces are often offered on a similar basis to executive suites and serviced offices, with furniture, IT and meeting rooms often provided on an all-inclusive monthly rent. They might also be offered on a more traditional basis, which covers rent, service charge and business rates.

Subleases can be a very cost-effective way of obtaining office space quickly, though remember that they can be hard to find, and the office and the lease have to be accepted on an 'as found' basis.

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